About BetaATP

Optimizing training results requires attention to every detail from the training program itself to nutrition and supplementation.  An effective nutrition and supplementation regimen will ensure maximized performance and beneficial strength and power gain achieved with intense training. 

BetaATP is the combination of two proven ingredients, BetaTOR and PEAK ATP, which work together to maximize training results.  Research has shown that the combination of these two ingredients has a powerful, synergistic benefit on performance gains following intense training (Lowery et al., 2016). 

Get the power of synergy with BetaATP!

BetaATP helps increase the results of intensive training by increasing gains in lean body mass, muscle hypertrophy, strength, and power.  BetaATP has also been shown to have a synergistic benefit on power and performance during times of increased training frequency and intensity (Lowery et al., 2016).

High intensity, high volume training can take a toll on an athlete’s overall gains in performance.  However, training with BetaATP may not only prevent declines in performance during high intensity training, but may also result in additional gains during times of increased training intensity and volume.

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