About MTI

Metabolic Technologies, LLC is a research-driven company dedicated to the development of credible, safe, and effective nutritional products.  Metabolic Technologies sets product standards that meet or exceed the highest industry standards, and backs Metabolic Technologies products with research and testing at top universities.  For additional information, contact Metabolic Technologies at or visit


About TSI

TSI is a world-class manufacturer of innovative and functional health products.  TSI strives to produce the highest quality products that maximize and maintain active, healthy lifestyles for consumers.  Since 1996, TSI has excelled in the original development and quality manufacturing of dietary ingredients and finished dosage products.  TSI supports customers in over 34 countries with state-of-the-art manufacturing, global sales, distribution, and regulatory support.  For additional information contact TSI at or visit


Metabolic Technologies & TSI also license the following sports nutrition ingredients:


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