Maximize your training results with BetaATP!

"Taking this (PEAK ATP) along with BetaTOR has been incredible. I've done 5 weightlifting meets in 2015 and at every single meet I've increased my lifts. My energy during training is much better. The best part though? I don't feel as drained after training..."

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Jared Enderton, NPGL Grid Athlete/Olympic Weightlifter

"My results became even better using the new BetaTOR and when I combined it with Peak 400 I saw a drastic increase in what it took to cause me to fatigue.  With the great benefits of taking both products together, I will continue using them for every training cycle and continue to be able to work harder and become stronger."

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Nick Weite, Powerlifter

“Since I started taking BetaATP, I enjoyed my leanest off-season ever. But I am the happiest about gaining strength in all my major lifts without having to "bulk up”! My recovery has increased and I feel that my endurance in the weight room and on the track have improved.”

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Erin Stern, IFBB Figure Pro/USATF Competitor

“When these two supplements (BetaTOR and PEAK ATP) are combined you are enhancing your ability to train hard, recover fast and do it all again even better. If you want to push the boundaries of human performance and find your new limits you take BetaATP.”

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Sam Dancer, NPGL Grid & CrossFit Athlete

“BetaATP is an elite supplement on the market. I am blown away by the results I've seen thus far. As a supplement skeptic, it takes quite a huge noticeable difference in performance, recovery, energy, and physique for me to endorse any product on the market today..."

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Carissa Johnson, WBFF Pro/Fitness Model

"Strength is built in large part through high training volume at moderate to high intensities and BetaATP not only allows me to train at a high capacity for a long time, but more importantly, it also allows me to recover so that I can do it again… and again… and again!"

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Bryan Dermody, Powerlifter
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