Carissa Johnson

By Carissa Johnson, WBFF Pro/Fitness Model

“BetaATP is an elite supplement on the market. I am blown away by the results I've seen thus far. As a supplement skeptic, it takes quite a huge noticeable difference in performance, recovery, energy, and physique for me to endorse any product on the market today. I've tried a variety of products and BetaATP beats them all, by far. Even after intense workouts, I have been able to recover faster and perform at a level that surpasses my average performance. Allowing me more reps, more intensity, and more power. I have been incredibly impressed. My workouts are 10x better with BetaATP alone without taking pre-workouts or any other filler supplements. I've also noticed huge improvements with my physique as I'm able to lift heavier, last longer and with more intensity. My lean muscle mass is increasing and so is my strength. Nothing beats BetaATP!"

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