Jared Enderton

By Jared Enderton, NPGL Grid Athlete/Olympic Weightlifter

“When I first heard about PEAK ATP I was a little skeptical. I have a 4-year degree in Exercise Science and I also teach Anatomy & Physiology classes. It is one of my main passions. It almost seemed too good to be true. So I dug into the research and knew I had to test it out for myself. Taking this along with BetaTOR has been incredible. I've done 5 weightlifting meets in 2015 and at every single meet I've increased my lifts. My energy during training is much better. The best part though? I don't feel as drained after training. I feel like I can keep going forever and never have that crash. All this time I've been looking for Pre-Workout products to do that. Who knew it would be in the combination of BetaTOR & Peak ATP? I highly recommend anyone to give these two products a shot and see for yourself.”

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