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BetaATP is exclusively sold in MuscleTech's Clear Muscle SX-7 Revolution.  Clear Muscle SX-7 Revolution is the only pill to combine the clinically proven ingredients BetaTOR, PEAK ATP and more. 

BetaTOR is a registered trademark of Metabolic Technologies Inc., and use of BetaTOR (HMB free acid) is licensed from Metabolic Technologies, Inc.  Uses of HMB are covered by patent pending applications owned by Metabolic Technologies, Inc. and U.S. Patent Number 6,103,764 licensed by Metabolic Technologies, Inc.
PEAK ATP is a registered trademark of TSI USA Inc.  Use of PEAK ATP is licensed from TSI USA Inc.  Uses of PEAK ATP are covered by U.S. Patent Numbers 7,629,329; 5,547,942; and 6,723,737 licensed by TSI USA Inc.
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